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Lonnie Lane as a Jewish believer in Messiah Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus),writes from Jesus' own Jewish background.

As the author of several books and over two-hundred articles, she considers that she has inherited the gift of being a scribe for the Lord from her father's "Levite" genes. Lonnie is an ordained pastor, a Bible teacher and speaker in churches, conferences and home fellowships with a heart to help nurture an Acts 3: 21 Restoration to prepare for the Lord's return. She was a past Producer of Sid Roth's Its Supernatural TV shows and served as the Hebrew Roots Pastor at The River Church, Jacksonville, Florida, for a number of years. 

Among her other writings, Lonnie is the author of Because They Never Asked: A Jewish Family's Search for God, and co-author of Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations, with Sid Roth.

In addition to her own books, she edited several books, including, Thinking Hebraically, by Alyosha Ryabinov and a book of collected stories about Muslims who came to faith in Jesus.
Her latest book, "Being One--Tasting Joy: Preparation for Messiah's Return" should be in 2019.