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These autobiographical stories tell of ten women whose journeys have taken them from victims to victorious.  Each of their circumstances and paths of suffering is unique, but the common thread is the sustaining hope one can only find in the Lord. Every one of us has a chapter we can add, a story that can comfort others who may be experiencing a similar challenge in life. As you read these amazing first person accounts be encouraged that when God is with you in the fire, you too can be an overcomer."  

         Compiled and edited by me. 

This is my own story of how my first encounter with Jesus was when I sensed He was following me around in Israel. But then He followed me home. What was I, a Jewish woman to do about that?!  A number of supernatural experiences finally brought me to where I couldn't deny who He was. Even John the Baptist was involved! 

   This book is my story and that of my brother and parents and their own stories of how they each came to the Lord when Jesus invaded our family. 

 The Bible tells us the bare bones of how Jesus turned lives around from hopelessness to joy. This book takes you into the hearts and experiences of biblical people you are familiar with. You’ll feel as if you are there with them in their conflicts, their challenges, and the profound outcomes Jesus brings to them.

    These true stories are your unique, personal opportunities to enjoy a taste of Heaven from here on earth.

These are the testimonies of ten ordinary people who have been to Heaven—having died and returned to life on earth. These real-life, modern-day stories inspire faith that, no matter what happens here on earth, all troubles are momentary light afflictions compared to the glory that awaits you in Heaven.

   Sid interviewed several of these people on his shows and I found the others and wrote the book. 

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It’s not every day that you find a unique way to pray the Scriptures. The Lord’s prayer was not meant to be recited like the Pledge of Allegiance. The Epstein’s give you insights into meaningful Hebrew and Aramaic wordings to express your own prayers to the Lord. I found it made praying The Lord’s Prayer a more personal and meaningful experience. Take a look at it.             


Available on Amazon:  Prayer of Adonai: The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew.

By David and Avi Epstein