#3 - "On Earth as in Heaven" - Might it be possible?

[This is a continuation of my experience in heaven. Please see the previous 2 blog articles if you haven't read them.] While my spirit knew all I’m about to tell you about my heaven experience, it took me a while to find the words to describe it, even to myself. Even as I try and explain it now, words fail miserably. Still, to try and convey what I experienced, I have to say what it was not, because there are no words in our language to adequately describe the atmosphere of heaven. Yeshua’s often prayed prayer was that His Father’s will and His Kingdom would become reality “on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). Now that I experienced even a small but significant part of heaven, I understand what Yeshua was and is still is intending will become reality.

As you might well expect, what is in heaven and what I experienced was entirely outside the realm of sin and The Fall that we are so immersed in here on earth. Much of what I came to understand came by immediate revelation; I didn’t learn any of it in the way we learn things. I just knew it immediately. To begin with, I knew intuitively that the people I saw were entirely free of any consciousness of “Self” such as we continually live with. By that I mean I knew intrinsically that they had nothing of the tyranny of unending demands of Self. Can you even imagine the joy of living entirely free of self-consciousness in every aspect of your life and in every relationship, including with yourself? And even with the Lord?

Words are so inadequate to describe the likes of heaven as we have no words to describe what is outside of our experience. And so I speak in negatives of what it is not. I tell you all this because these issues are what I believe the Lord would have us be aware of so He can bring us to a place of choosing to not participate in them, by the power of His Spirit. Please keep in mind that this is not just the ways of heaven, they are GOD’S WAYS TOWARD US. As Yeshua died to release us from the ravages of sin and guilt, He sees us as being entirely and completely free of all sin because of what He accomplished on our behalf. Even if we have difficulty fully believing it, HE BELIEVES IT!

Therefore, there exists in heaven no denigration, no judgment, no questioning of anyone’s character or integrity. There is no shame, disappointment, discouragement, or I-wish-I-hadn’t-done-that in heaven. Or, for that matter, no I-wish-they-hadn’t-done-that as there is no judgments. Among the folks in heaven there is no need for self-justification or self-validation as all are free from the demands of “Self” altogether. Nor is there any judgement, rejection, division or separation of any kind. It is non-existent because there is no existence of the sinful state of the world. There isn’t any sin nature at all in any being, person or angel, in heaven. It is non-existent. I know this sounds like I’m repeating what may be obvious once said, but we are so used to living under the demands of Self as if it’s normal, that it seemed appropriate to remind us that all this “Selfness” is antithetic to the ways of God. This realization gives new meaning to Yeshua’s prayer, that we would be in all our ways, “on earth as it is in heaven.” It evidently is the Lord's intention that we would be entirely free of Self-ness which is the foundation of all sin.... free of the demands and lies of self-seeking in heaven because we are free of satan!

I’m sure what I became aware of is only a miniscule part of the glory that exists where God dwells. These were people whose souls have been made perfect in Yeshua, just as God had always intended for humankind to be – in His likeness (Genesis 1:26). They are living in the oneness that exists between the Father and the Son who are in Perfect Union with one another. Imagine, if you can, being entirely secure in yourself, and therefore entirely, completely, wholly, perfectly secure in every area of your life and being. Imagine being so one in the Spirit with one another, that there is nothing between us that is threatening or unsafe or challenging or unkind, so there is nothing untrusting or untrustworthy in the environment of God’s presence. [Even if I didn’t see Him, His presence pervades everything and everywhere!]

Ultimately, that’s the way the Torah was designed by God, for His people to live in holy harmony. That was the presented ideal. For instance, there is no competition in the Torah. Where there is no pride there is no competition. There is only full acceptance and praise and appreciation for what each is capable of and called to. It would seem, however, even as I write this, that we may well be headed for God’s “reset” to live more closely to this ideal than we ever have, of heaven being manifested on earth in these ways.

There is in heaven is no place for assessment or measuring of value of one another or of oneself, for that would be competition. Where does that come from? Isn’t that satan’s major character trait, competing with God? There is no competition in heaven, whether in deed or word, for all in heaven are precious and greatly esteemed without reservation. There exists no shame, no fear of criticism or judgment, no competition, nor loneliness. Apparently earthly accomplishments in terms of godly character are recognized and praised, yet everyone is considered worthy of honor so there exists no competition in God's perfect environment.

All this brings to mind two things: 1) We have no words to adequately describe the beauty and perfection of heaven; and 2) there is in heaven a creativity and satisfaction and glory that we have no knowledge or grasp of here on earth.[2] Yet it seemed from the welcoming that went on for Jon, that close and godly relationships which exist on earth quite naturally do continue in heaven. As no insecurity of any kind exists, neither is there any anticipation or experience of abandonment or rejection of any kind. There is only the highest expression of kindness and honor, affection and respect for one another. I had the sense that each person’s uniqueness is greatly appreciated and recognized without any competition, comparison or hierarchy. There is absolute freedom to be and do all that is in one’s heart to do or be, and from what I somehow understand, there is much room for artistic creativity, and every motive is pure and holy and for the benefit and joy of all others and the glory of God. It is all perfect in every way. And because there is nothing but unhindered love, there is corresponding unhindered joy – an all-pervasive joy in an eternal-forever love!

I have shared all these thoughts so specifically to let them soak into your spirits. To say it succinctly, there is no manifestation of sin or “the Fall” in heaven. Everything reflects God’s ultimate and absolute love and goodness!

Some of you might be saying, “Well, that was in heaven, but it’s not reality here on earth.” I understand that sentiment. But remember that immediately as the vision came to a close, I heard Yeshua’s words in my spirit, “…that they may be one as the Father and I are one (John 17:11, 22). I understood in the depth of me that for those who will comprise the body of believers who will be as His bride, for those who are truly His, this must become a reality. Yeshua’s prayer will not go unanswered. Before He returns it will – and must – become reality. Those of us who are truly His will be as one, in a loving unity that is worthy of Him, before He returns. May we keep this in mind, even as we make our own daily decisions and choices: Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

[2] Please see my book, Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations, co-authored with Sid Roth, for more insights into the ways of heaven. Some of these thoughts are gleaned from the experiences of those in the book.

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