A Red Light. A Rainy Night. Another Opportunity.

It was a misty rain tonight when I pulled up to the red light next to the overhead. A slim man was standing there holding a small sign tho it was too dark to read. His posture told me he was homeless and looking for handouts. Perhaps few would even notice him on such a dark night. I rolled down my window and called to him. He immediately came over. "Are you looking for help?" I asked. "Yes ma'am" said the 30-something bearded young man with incredible blue eyes, the only color evident this dark night. I handed him the $4 dollars I had on me and asked him my usual question: Do you know #Jesus? He began to tell me he did, and that he just got out of jail and about how he was able to read the bible when he was there. I asked him if he had one now. He shook his head no. "Would you like one?" He responded like someone flipped a switch inside him! "Oh yes." Then he added that the light was about to change. I said, "The guy behind me will just have to wait," as I got out of my car, reached into my back seat and handed him my #NKJV bible. He took it like it was something precious."What's your name?" I asked as I got back in the car, only just a little bit wet from the rain. "Eric." I told him I'd be #praying for him, planning on asking you FB folks to pray for him too, that God will rebuild his life and enable him to start going to church as he told me he hoped to be able to. Eric is someone's son! Lord, have mercy.

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