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Home. Safe and Sound.

I wrote the following blog post on my way home, a few days ago. After recovering from jet lag, and basic download of all the experiences from my trip, I am just getting around to posting this now. Thank you for your prayer support while I was gone!

I am on my way home from Israel, 35,000 ft in the air, having just come from the other side of the world. Inconceivable to mankind till now. I know that’s not news today but it never ceases to be a wonder to me. Israel is the country my ancestors longed for. My grandmother saved coins in a small bank for planting trees in Israel even before it became a State in 1948. This was 1,878 years after Rome destroyed the temple and all Jerusalem in 70 AD, and then outlawed Jews from the land. Yet Ancient maps were always drawn with Israel at the center of the world because the Bible says so. I also marvel that Hebrew is no longer a lost conversational language. The Bible tells of its restoration, and Hebrew is once again the national language spoken by everyone. I appreciate that Israel’s army is called the Israel DEFENSE Force= IDF. Despite the (fake) news, their aim is to defend themselves, not be the aggressor. The miracle of Israel is #prophetic in so many ways and miraculously evident in the times In which we live. God’s fingerprints are all over Israel. If you haven’t so far, go and see it for yourself. Even with all the news reports, tourism was highest in 2018. Maybe higher in 2019. Thanks for joining me in these blogs during my trip, folks. Shalom for now.

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