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To Know, To Choose, To Be Assured!

I received an email from an old friend who said: "It's my 49th birthday today. As one of the people who love me, what do you want to see me incorporate into my life in the coming year?" Penetrating question, don't you think? So I took the question to God to see what He might want to say to her. After I sent it to her, I felt He wanted me to share it with others to whom He wanted to say the same things. I believe they are ponder-worthy for all of us...

… to KNOW that the goodness of God has fully “replaced” every “place” where harm, evil or ungodliness had entered your life.

… to KNOW that bad choices - yours or others – has been fully redeemed to bear the Kingdom fruit of eternal goodness.

… to KNOW fully and experientially, the FREEDOM that wholly, entirely and experientially replaces any and all failures, abuses, bondages and disappointments.

… To KNOW by revelation the MAJESTY OF HIS HUMILITY so that it is your greatest protection against the lures of this world.

… To be assured that YOUR LIFE MATTERS – in the day-to-day as well as in the eternal scheme of things for those whom your life touches, even if they aren’t aware of it.

… To CHOOSE the God-sized HOPE of the manifest GOODNESS that is in God for yourself and others, regardless of present or on-going circumstances.

… To KNOW the ASSURANCE that you are already His, that you were chosen before the foundation of the world to matter to Him and the world around you as a significant manifestation of Romans 8:28 to those with eyes to see.

… To KNOW that you are a trophy for Him, shining brightly as highly polished brass where you reflect His likeness. And, lastly….

… To BE ASSURED that as you believe God for His goodness and presence to be manifested in your children’s lives, your faith in Him will override any fears for them you may have. They are His more than they are yours! They too were known before the foundation.

Lord, enable us all to be newly aware of Your glories that are already in our lives.

Love and blessings,


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