#2 The Explosive Joy of Heaven

Updated: May 9, 2020

I hadn’t died, nor was I taken up on the wings of an angel, but there I was in heaven. It began as I was praying for a man whom I'll call Jon whose salvation was of concern to me. I was praying in the Spirit for him when suddenly a scene unfolded before me. I saw the back of him as he was walking toward what looked like a huge judge’s bench, behind which the Lord was seated. After some interaction between them in which only the Lord spoke (I expect there is no self-defense before the All-knowing One), I saw Yeshua wave His arm and say Jon's first and last names and then He said, “Go forth!” My first thought was relief that Jon had made it into heaven, but then all at once I realized that Yeshua had waved His left arm, which means judgment and rejection, whereas His right arm or hand means acceptance and inclusion, somewhat akin to separating the sheep from the goats.

As there is no negotiating with the Lord about where anyone spends eternity, as many of our own choices in life make that determination for us, Jon then was required to walk away from the Lord toward what appeared to be only a small section of an enormous pit so large I couldn’t even see how far it extended. It was also of absolute pitch-black darkness. I knew instantaneously that it was the “bottomless pit” which the book of Revelation speaks of seven times.[1] I somehow understood that being tossed into it would result in a continued sense of falling and falling in the darkness with no way to stop it. How terrifying! I also sensed there were flames of fire in the pit but even the flames must have been equally as dark as I couldn’t see them. I just knew all this in an instant and I reacted instinctively and pulled back away with my body from what I was seeing in the vision of what was so frightening.

As all this happening at once, as being outside of time, I also knew in that instant, that just as Yeshua is the light of the world, this was a place entirely devoid of the light that He is, a place reserved for those who deliberately chose to reject the Lord after He had made Himself known to them. I can think of nothing more tragic. Nothing in this life or of this God-created earth is of more value than knowing Him personally and spending eternity with Him! Ultimately God is not optional!

All this “knowing” happened almost simultaneously as I realized that this man’s eternal destiny was about to merge with this darkness. As an open vision is one which you can interact with as if you were there, without thinking I impulsively reached into the vision and picked him up just before he would have fallen into the pit. In the vision he was about the size of an 8” action figure doll so it was easy to do. I set him down in front of the Lord again and began to plead with Him on Jon's behalf, asking for mercy for him, reminding the Lord of the many prayers that have been prayed for him.

Please pay attention to what happened next as this is very important for our own lives. Remember, I'm entirely in the Spirit at this time, so I just did naturally what the Lord told me to.

Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “You are My mouthpiece on earth, you speak the words of salvation.” So according to the Lord’s previous use of Jon's first and last names, I said his full name out loud and then commanded that he “Go forth into the Kingdom of heaven.” As I spoke those words, I saw Yeshua’s mouth move in cinque with my words as if He Himself had said them. Yeshua then waved His right hand, the hand of acceptance and fellowship, in the opposite direction from the darkness, and Jon was then permitted to walk in that direction.

Such is the apparent reality of having our prayers answered, whether immediately or in time, when we pray and declare according to what we know is the Lord's will, as it is in cinque with The Word and in faith, and in the authority of His Name, speaking out either Jesus or Yeshua. I've heard some pray ending with "In Your name," or "In His Name" but not using the name of Jesus, or Yeshua. The authority is in His name, and that's what demons must respond to.

I didn’t have time to feel relief, for immediately, as I was standing off to the side of the Welcoming Gate of heaven (there is such a place), I was watching what began to unfold nearby as he approached the area where a group of maybe fifteen people came quickly toward him. They were all adults, men and women, having been made aware somehow that he was arriving. They were enormously glad to see him and had come to welcome him. These were people who had known him on earth and whom he also recognized. What a reunion that was!

These people were separate and unique individuals just as you and I are. I could see that they had distinct personalities and physical appearances and were as different as individuals as we are, but they were in complete unity, so that they, in their individuality, were entirely “one.” In Hebrew there is a word, echad, (pronounced eh-khahd), which can mean one, such as one army made up of many soldiers, or one classroom consisting of different students. This was a group of people who were echad, separate persons but with a oneness about them that is outside of our earthly understanding or experience. As I watched them, I somehow became echad with them, as if I was experiencing inside myself their complete love and affection for one another, and their total honor for each other in full acceptance and ease. Words are entirely inadequate to explain what I saw and experienced because we have no language for such all-pervasive and limitless love and freedom.

I saw Jon being gathered into their oneness as they hugged him, one after another, making a circle around him. They were all, Jon included, so full of love and joy that although I was watching from somewhat of a distance, the love that was now enveloping him and that they had for one another began roll onto me too until, I didn’t just feel it, I experienced it. I was filled with unbridled, unhindered joy such as is unknown here on earth. It filled my entire being so that I was one with it. The words JOY, JOY, JOY! kept coming out of my mouth spontaneously as I watched him being welcomed and becoming echad with these people in the way they already were one with each other.

While I watched, I felt what seemed like several thousands of volts of electricity going through my body in the energy of the love that evidently permeates heaven. It was so powerful that had it lasted longer than the 45 seconds or so I’m guessing it did, I felt as if I would surely have died. I would have been unable to sustain it any longer without my body exploding from the love-energy that was impacting me. That’s how great the power of that love felt – beyond bearable in my earthly being.

This wasn’t just power; it was the power of complete oneness and love – they go together – in unhindered unity and unhindered love, leading to unhindered joy. We cannot possibly fully understand, contain or endure the power of love that exists in heaven in these mortal bodies for more than a matter of seconds. And just as I began to fear that I really would surely die from the power that was surging through my body if it continued, the vision ended, and I was back on earth. The moment I came out of the vision, I heard the Lord say to me, “That they may be one just as You and I are one” (from John 17:22). For the first time, I understood the magnitude of what Yeshua meant in this part of His prayer to His Father during His final Passover Seder. And deep inside I was a changed person.

Note: The preceding Blog Post and this one, and those that will follow, are chapter excerpts of my soon coming book, Being One - Tasting Joy!

[1] Revelation 9:1,2; 9:11; 11:7; 18:8; 20:1,3. [2] Though the vision went as it did it was not prophesy in that, as we have each been given free will to accept the Lord or not, it was more of an invitation as well as a warning, not just to Jon, but to all who would accept or reject the overtures of the Lord to come to Him and His loving goodness.

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