Update from my Israel Travels

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Shalom, folks. With Israel in a critical war situation with Syria up north, for many here life goes on normally, normal for Israel that is. For others it means called to military duty. Like the person I’m staying with. So today, Tuesday, I am moving to the home of other friends, thank God. I’ve never been faced with being dependent on others as to where to live, even short term, like I have been while here. Makes one grateful for friends, even those you haven’t seen for years who come to your rescue. I’ve been learning to trust the Lord in ways I haven’t before. Life in Israel, I’m told requires having (something that sounds like) g’meeshoot.... flexibility.

The one time I didn’t feel somewhat stressed was last nite in #Jerusalem’s #Old City, walking through the narrow alley-like streets lined with shops leading to the Wall.

There, I stood among the women of all ages, from young girls to grandmothers, all there to pray. A few faces turned into the wall were in tears, as if they were beseeching Adonai from their depths. Others had their faces hidden in prayer books, while others read silently from them. For all the conversation with God going on, it was basically silent. But I could feel in my spirit the groaning in many of their hearts as they each prayed. It’s why they come here, to reach God with their prayers.

With my hand on the ancient wall I prayed - for them and for the nation to know Him, and for His protection to be upon #Israel. Perhaps it was because Its so familiar to me having “lived” there for 8 days a few years ago that the whole area from the #Jaffa Gate to The Wall feels like home to me.

Gotta go pack and get ready to move again. This will be my 4th ‘home’ in 10 days which also meant a lot of buses and trains. Yes, g’meeshoot.



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