Lonnie Lane has been a friend and co-laborer for the sake of Zion for more than thirty years. So, when I was asked to read her latest manuscript and make comments for publishing, of course I answered in the affirmative ... The reader of this new fictional work will be taken into the untold thought life and experience of some of the best known, real life characters of the New Covenant Scriptures in order to explore what was happening between the lines of their very familiar and loved stories. 

After reading this book I find myself longing for more divine interruptions and less of my own experiential wisdom to find the daily bread and the living water the Bible offers us.

Thank you, Lonnie, for reminding me again that Yeshua makes life worth living, and…



Internationally acclaimed worship leader




“I have a note written in my Bible at the phrase in Matthew 4:13, ‘Then Jesus arrived from Galilee…’ I wrote, ‘and everything changed.’  When I'm studying the Word, I enjoy being led by the Holy Spirit to meditate between the lines to experience what might have been. That's what Lonnie seems to have done as she wrote JESUS - LIFE CHANGER! The characters in each of the short stories are clearly seen in their 1st century Hebrew culture as she describes how their lives were radically changed by their brief but intimate contact with Jesus. Lonnie reveals their deepest personal thoughts by being led by the Holy Spirit ‘between the lines.’ Be prepared to have your heart touched by the Spirit as you read. I'm glad I resisted the urge to jump ahead to Part II. It was worth the wait.”


Former YWAM Missionary

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Rapid Response Team Counselor

“I love what Lonnie has created with these stories. She is able to take people from familiar stories and bring them to life with a whole new perspective. She uses what is admittedly fictional back stories, but as I read them I began to see real people with real needs encountering a loving Jesus. I think this book is a great way to encourage us to take these encounters from scripture and make them more personal - to bring them to life.

I simply love this book.”



Senior Pastor

Worship Leader

The River Church at Jacksonville