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Word from the Lord for the days we are in.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The following is a prophetic word I posted four years ago. I just came across it this week and I sensed the Lord saying to post it again as it is even more relevant today. So here it is:

I had a somewhat concerning dream that a couple who are pastors and friends of mine and I were preparing for some hard times. It woke me up at 5:30 a.m. I asked the Lord what it meant and He told me, “You will need your notebook for this.” So I got up and wrote this down. I have submitted it to a few people, my pastor friends included, who have felt this was from the Lord. See what you think.

There are things about to take place in the world that will be perplexing to Christians who are expecting a revival in which people are saved and things are blessed as you have expected Christianity will be again in America. There will be people saved and people will always be coming to Me but the idea, the concept people expect is not how things will take place. You (plural) need to allow Me to reset your expectations of what Kingdom values are because a lot of what is expected is cultural but not Kingdom culture. There needs to be a rethinking of what constitutes Kingdom culture.

For instance, is "Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials" your automatic response to difficulties? Would you be willing to go the extra mile for your enemy? What I am telling you is not for immediate issues but are to let you know to prepare yourselves for days to come.

This is a time of preparation, even a warning for what will come about in days, perhaps, after Donald Trump is no longer president. For now, there will continue to be adversity from those who are warring against him and what he stands for. At the same time, many Christians are expecting all to go smoothly and for America to become a Christian nation as it once was. But that was then; this is now. The days are becoming darker in the world and while there is Kingdom advancement today, and it will continue, so also will the kick-back from the enemy. There will be an increase of darkness. Do not be alarmed by it. Have I not told you such days would come. I have also told you that there would be a great light – and the glory of the Lord would shine brightly in the darkness. Are not the stars able to be seen more clearly on darker nights?

So this is a time to begin to prepare, to think more deeply about what it means to be light in the darkness. These messages of the need to prepare will seem like the messengers are just being negative to some people but they must also be warned against seeing the preparation as negative, for these preparations will carry the power of God to be strong in faith when things seem to be contrary to what you would want or expect. This is a time to begin to absorb My Word so that your prayers are one with My Word and therefore of Kingdom reality. For instance, not to make you more comfortable or happy in fleshly terms but to know the joy of the Lord as your strength, and the forgiveness of the cross even when times are not comfortable.

You would do well to begin to consider what brings fear to your hearts so that you can put the fear behind you so your faith in Me becomes deep trust, regardless of the circumstances. This is why “Consider it all joy” should be something to meditate upon. Not to do it on your own but because you can grab hold of the love of God that is poured out in your hearts. And this not only because you may feel My love in your hearts for yourselves, but secure in knowing I am a very present help in trouble. And also because of My love in your hearts for those who appear as the worst of your – or other’s – enemies. Beware of taking on offenses, for yourself or others.

Remember that I died for all. My blood was shed for all mankind. There is power that is and will always be available for loving your enemies and seeing them as having a great need for My love and to know Me. Preaching the gospel is most effective when there are demonstrations of the Kingdom and not just the recitation of words. Love is the greatest demonstration of My Kingdom.

This is not meant to frighten you but to redirect your thoughts (and your preaching and teaching for those to whom this applies) in order that for the next years there is a preparation for more difficult days to come. I suggest you not just read this once and put it away. I suggest you print this out and reread it periodically. Keep it in your bibles and while this may seem irrelevant in the here and now, if you will take this word to heart and reconsider what it truly means to be My disciple – especially in difficult times such as was the case for those who lived in the 1st century, you will be strengthened even now and signs of revival will begin to appear, even in ways beyond the expectations of most, as a Yeshua-like character is developed and you are increasingly conformed to My likeness.

Remember I did say, “Peace I leave with you, not as the world knows peace….Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in Me.” Further, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart”, which in N.T. terms would mean your spirit. And lean not on what your mind would say, especially if you are listening to negative reports in the media, or even from among those who speak fearfully. There is no light to be gained in looking at the darkness!

Judge not, lest you be judged means to not speak against one another, or others who are perceived as enemies, judging them as evil or worthy of being condemned. But judge as I do, considering that everyone needs Me and My forgiveness. Be kind to one another as I have been kind to you. This is a good place to begin thinking in Kingdom terms – with Kingdom love.

Fear not, for I am with you always, even to the end. You each have an end on this earth. Know securely that you can put your treasure in heaven. But be aware also that this can mean rewards in heaven for the way you have lived as Yeshua, working and acting on behalf of others, giving yourself to others for their good. Make love your quest!

If you will begin to allow these thoughts to take hold, including in the preaching and teaching, in all your lives, you will see a way to the power of the kingdom. There will be much healing that will come about as a result – healing of relationships and of your body’s illnesses. Signs and wonders will take place but they are not the highest manifestations of revival, rather the turning from sin is – even turning from the presently acceptable sins that are a part of Christian values right now that are not of Kingdom holiness.

It is the Father’s will that you become more like Yeshua as the goal of your lives. Therefore, give your lives to knowing Me (Yeshua) more and more. Meditate on My own character, why I did or said what I did. Know Me as I am available to you to know Me intimately by the Holy Spirit. Make this your priority for you cannot become any of what I have just told you or what the Bible says apart from the Holy Spirit who is also the Spirit of Holiness. Put your dependence upon the Spirit of Holiness. My born-again people are not told what you should do or become on your own strength or by your own doing, but by the power of the Spirit, just as I relied on the Spirit. Remember I only healed when the Spirit was there for healing. Rely on the Holy Spirit to make you holy! Put your trust in God to enable you, even as you work and believe and act as the Bible tells you to.

This is much to absorb. I do not expect all this to take place now or at once. This is meant to make you aware of what the Father is now doing among you by His Spirit and what you are being apprised of to begin to be strengthened in greater measure in these areas in your lives. So that you will be over-comers in all your ways. One step at a time, dear ones. I am with You.

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