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Benevolence and Generosity - a somewhat prophetic word to ponder!

I needed a new Journal as I had used the last pages of the present one. But the Lord put a picture in mind of a journal that had been given to me in August of 2014. Yet I had not continued to write in it except occasionally to record meaningful thoughts at the time. Now it came to mind again 5 years later and I felt that I was to use that one and not another. But where was it? Just when I was about to give up looking for it, there it was in front of me. It opened up directly to an entry on December 9, 2015, in which I recorded a dream. It went like this:

I entered a restaurant, a small quaint one, charming, nothing big and grand. Like a European café’. I was greeted by a man who looked somewhat stern who was wiping off a table top to clean it. I assumed he was the owner and that someone who had eaten at this table had just left. He told me his name was Benny Volence. He was clear that he was to be known by his whole name, Benny Volence, and not Benny or Mr. Volence, and though he seemed nice enough, I was struck with his somewhat stern look. Then another person entered, a woman whose name I was told was Jenny Rosity. Then I woke up.

I had recorded this in the journal with an attempt at understanding the dream but evidently had gotten only the names at that time, and no interpretation from the Lord. Now it was 5 years later and I was sent to this journal to read of this dream again. I asked the Lord if there was a meaning He was speaking to me for now, and as I sat on my couch waiting for an answer while trying to process what it could mean, I again fell asleep and this time I was given the interpretation of the previous dream of five years earlier.


Benny Volence is God’s Benevolence & Jenny Rosity His Generosity. They go together in what He is wanting us to become aware of. [I did look up the meanings of these words to be sure I was interpreting them correctly.]

Benevolence means the desire to do good to others; goodwill, charitableness. The inclination to be kind. The disposition to do good. That sounds like God, right? The dream is about God’s benevolence toward us. The restaurant is representative of God’s provision to us. He feeds us! He blesses us! Benevolence extended to cleaning the table of the remainder of what was an ‘old’ or previously served meal, in order to prepare a clean place for the new (prophetic, spiritual or natural) "meal" that was to be provided.

“But," I asked, "why the stern expression, Lord?” [Stern was the word that came to me though it's not a word I generally use.] Stern can have to do with a serious assertion of authority and exercise of discipline. God’s Benevolence evidently includes the assertion of His authority to us in which He appears to be exhorting us to be aware of our own benevolence and inclination to being good, etc. I had the sense it has to do with how we regard our varied resources and provisions -- stuff we have.

I asked about Generosity which means the quality of being kind and generous, being plentiful or large. Then I was given the interpretation:

Within His benevolence to us is the assertion of His authority in letting us know that we would do well to exercise discipline in how we regard or label the quality of generosity. Things which we may take for granted, or which may seem meaningless or insignificant to us in times of plenty, may become significant and quite meaningful in times of lack. I had the sense that God is wanting to inform/teach us now to evaluate what is really the benevolence of God, His generosity toward us, in what provisions and blessings are made available to us. To re-evaluate (re-value!) what we take for granted at times without even a thanks to Him. It extends to how and to whom we express His benevolence and generosity.

This, I sense, is but a part of a re-evaluation of what it means to be a child of God, to be “one” with Him, which will manifest in our lives not just in the spiritual issues but will prove to be valuable in practical matters as well. The quality of what we regard as truly valuable will give us as individuals an ‘internal’ (heart) awareness as well as a collective awareness of what it is to be Kingdom representatives in how we live our lives together in these regards.

We Americans in particular are very indulged in terms of what we consider being of value. As believers we would be wise to re-evaluate what we consider the Benevolence of God. He appeared to be "stern" in letting us know that it is in His authority as our “only wise God” that He is now addressing these issues. Specifically, it appeared to have to do with exercising personal discipline in how we use or share our resources. Are we frivolous, or are we wise and discerning with our purchases, just as one example, (one I personally am having to adjust to). He did not appear stern out of any displeasure with us, but only to inform us that the issue is one to begin now to take seriously.

At the same time, we are to regard His provision to us as His Generosity in ways we may have been unaware were His doing or where we have taken for granted what is so readily available to us. Also, being ‘wisely’ generous toward others is investment into ‘the unity of caring for one another.’ Generosity can mean how we use our money, our goods, our time, how we extend hospitality to others, and our prayers for and with others. We are to have a generous mindset, considering that we are one of a part of the Body into which He has knitted us, as well as how we act toward strangers He would have us reach out to. We would do well to consider all this as part of Kingdom living. I sensed He would have us be aware that these aren’t side issues, this IS how to be like Yeshua.

In the days we seem to be in, or are perhaps entering, if we listen for it, there is a call for a re-evaluation of what really constitutes Kingdom reality in the most practical of issues. The message isn’t ultimately about the ‘things’ we buy or have, but is ultimately about how they affect the way we personally relate to and with the Lord, as well as to one another in His Benevolence and Generosity.

Respectfully submitted,

Lonnie Lane

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