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From Israel, With Love

Here I am in #Israel. If you missed my last announcement, I have been asked to come to Israel to meet with one of the Messianic leaders, to help him write a book. I am so honored to have this privilege and thrilled to be here, again!

I have spent a few days of information gathering from the family of the main hero of the book I’m here help to write. It is a most fascinating part of Jewish history that has been little known - till now. I am awed by how the decisions of  ordinary people who opt for righteous obedience to God and His principals, despite potential personal cost, can have profound effect for good on the lives of so many others. Tomorrow I go to the #Palmach museum to learn more about the underground Israeli resistance force when Israel was in the birth pangs fighting for her existence. My granddaughter Libi (pronounced LeeBee which means “my heart”)  who lives here, has been a joy. We’ve done a fair amount of walking. More than I ever do at home. Last night at 8pm we met her friend Brian at a charming Italian cafe for an amazing dinner. We talked till midnight, then Libi and I walked back to my hotel in the delightful slightly chilly but refreshing evening air.  Today it rained -a lot - so I opted for doing laundry, where I am staying in #TelAviv at #Gilgalhotel. Tonite a cab is coming for me in the rain to go with Libi to her weekly bible study. (Note: bible study just now cancelled due to a serious thunderstorm, so as I have nothing to eat here at the hotel that only serves b’fast, the cab will take us somewhere for dinner). Tomorrow the museum at 1 pm and then another fact gathering meeting  at 4 pm with the pastor and his son-in-law. Libi and I will be heading to Haifa by train to spend Shabbat with, Eitan Shishkoff and his wife have been serving the Lord in Israel for years. We will be taking the train on Friday to get there by 4 and leaving on Sunday as no trains run on #Shabbat. Then, on to Jerusalem for the remainder of my time here. I’ll check in with you later.

I appreciate your prayers while I am on this interesting mission!

A bit early, but I wish you all Shabbat Shalom!

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