My Last Day in Israel-A Peaceful Time in the Garden

I’m sitting in a back yard garden in a ministry home in #Yafo/Jaffa. Libi’s friend Brian lives here and I am apparently functioning in what appears to be a calling— helping others #write their books. Brian has an amazing story to tell and he has asked me to help him write it

I spent two days earlier in the beautiful Judaea hills with friends I met 39 years ago. We spent a lovely time in front of the fireplace/stove that heats the house, swapping stories. He is an artist who has illustrated a new bible in Hebrew and English which will be released soon. It was an honor to sit with him as he showed me the illustrations. My hostess and I took a walk in the morning with their beautiful Retriever dog in those amazing hills. A unique two days indeed.

Yet another bus and cab ride brought me to Tel Aviv where I am again.

More time with Libi, my now-Israeli granddaughter, is a joy.

Then a bible study last night, here at the ministry house. Brian leading sweet and pensive worship (selah), then a young man speaking English, not Hebrew, for my benefit, with a thick German accent that took some listening-up to understand led a study on Matthew 3, with insights new to me.

Today is just peaceful here in the garden. Brian and I will work more on his book this afternoon. All in all, this feels like a profitable trip in many diverse ways.

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